Day 15 – Camp Leakey

Yesterday was a early start to head out to Camp Leaky (Forest) to see the Orang-utans in the ‘wild’ reserve for the last time.

This journey was like no other, one of my worst fears was encountered.  It was nice to see an Orangutan away for the camp with Tanging Putting. You seldom see this.

We went by speedboat since it is was quicker, we stopped when we spotted anything of interest which was cool.

When we arrived, Thomas my guide (and a good friend) took me further into the forest.  We had to walk over swampy areas by walking over planks of wood in some cases.  I had both my cameras (5D and ID Mk IV) in hand, over my neck,  so fully loaded to take wide-angle and closeups.  I took each step carefully since the path was slippery.  You can images, the wood being covered with water so forms algae, so can be slippery.  Thomas asked if we should turn back since he knows I hate the swamp!  I said to continue since we had travelled so far.

Two mins later “SPLASH” my butt was in, with my feet up, i was in the swamp with both my hands carrying the camera above the water.  I quickly called for Thomas to disarm me with the cameras and so then I could climb back into the slippery planks!  This was the luckiest day ever as far as I can remember.  I was covered in filth.  Luckily nothing bit me and both my camera were safe but slight solied due to handling them.  My ruck sack also too a dive since it was on my back but all was well.  I had no change of clothing since I did not expect this, although I was thinking of carry a spare shirt just in case… But I didn’t!   So Thomas suggested I get cleaned up with another area of swampy water.  This was now my biggest  fear doubling up.

I was in the forest always with my Scarpa boots, trousers tucked into my trousers.  My socks, trousers and boots were soaked!    I removed my socks but the rest of the gear was on me for the next 8 hours!  squelch squelch squelch… Yuk!

I  asked Thomas what creatures would be in that part of the forest.  Well my next biggest fear:  snakes, monitor lizard(no harm to human but their forked tongue is not cute!,)leeches and many other creep crawlies.

On the return journey, we saw many Probicus  monkies.  The families were getting ready to cuddle up with their children and go to bed since its was nearing to dawn.

8 hours later when I returned to the hotel,I had the quickest shower ever!  I gave my boots to reception since it was warmer than my room.  They are finally dry-ish!  Definitely I day I will never forget.  I was glad this day was over! To celebrate, I had a coconut 🙂

A nice way to end the day.

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