Day 14 – Educating People into Sustainability

Today I went to see Yayorin.  They are a local NGO which help people become self sufficient in terms of farming.  They also provide mobile libraries to schools OR bring kids to their head office where they have a library with books ranging  from novels to comics in indonesian and english.  The UK arm of Orangutan Foundation donate to them, def a good cause.  They educate the locals and provide them with tree saplings to farm and help them get started. They keep in contact for weeks and months and years until the farmer gets used to the harvesting and maintenance required in farming.

They managed to turn an ex-logger into a happy famer – a remarkable achievement. All they want/need is money, this simply proves the point!  This is what its  all about!
I planted my first tree,  they asked me to select a tree and if I would like to plant it.  I leaped at the chance.

My first tree.

The tree I chose was was a fruit bearing tree (name forgotten) which Orangutans like. WOHOO i’ve done my wee bit for carbon emissions.

Now I don’t feel so bad travels the 1000’s miles back home!

A pretty good day all in all to find this NGO where everyone agrees and is pro forest and orang-utans.

I passed thru an open space where there was a young palm tree plantation.  These palms are nearly 3 years old.  This is the worst tree you can plant since it sucks up all the nutrients from the soil so planting anything else on top, when

palms trees are no longer required, nothing would grow.  The area would have to be re-cultivated.   They are really destroying the forest!

I returned to base quite early, around 4pm, so I had my daily dose of coconut water (madaf) going to make the most of it.  I wondered around the vicinity and here are some pics.

A Roundabout

Tomorrow back into the forest to be one with the Orangutans.

“You looking at something ?”

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