Day 11

Good Morning.  I wrote a lot of the blog yesterday but was too tired after 4 hours sleep the night before so you will read about the mining in my next post.

Yesterday was spent at the care centre where they rehab Orangutans.  Whether they are found injured in the forest or as pets or a baby after his/her mother has been killed, its also for orphans!  I was watching them play yesterday and how ever little and cute they are, which no doubt they are,  it really touches you when you realise WHY they are there.  They are very clingy to people that are there since all they do in the wild in cling on to their mother or have her always near by, just like a child, it looks for warmth and care.

If you have any bottles or rustling bags with you, like children, they are curious to see what that it.  They are clever, incase you think you can hide something behind your back with your hand, they know!

If you wish to donate and up with the running of this care centre please visit

There are a couple of disabled orangutans perhaps 5 years old.  One called Hockey who had a stroke so one of her legs and hands is not working. She has seizures now and again, but she responds to one to one attention if people have the time to give her that.  More often people (staff) just want to play with the littles one which are cute and not give attention to those that can also do with some.  This is sad since Hocky and Hanky need stimulation.

A visitor from US San Diego, Lori, spent three weeks are a volunteer and after quarantine, she gave hockey at lot of TLC.  Hockey was responding to the one to one attention.  She seems alive, she stood up on her legs and at times, she went back down, but these muscles groups have not been used for a while.

We have decided that we will try to raise funds for an care assistant that will spend time with these disabled ones.  They cannot be forgotten just because they are not cute and playful.  They need help too.  They are building a big outdoor cage for Hockey with lots of playful things to help stimulate her, hopefully this will help a lot.  A volunteer donated this money a few weeks ago, $2000.  Money well spent for a beautiful loving Orangutan.

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