Day 10

Today was pretty much a day off.  I went to the care centre to meet with Dr Galdikas and ofcourse see the Orangutan whom I have adopted (Malcolm) and the other orphaned ones.

There’s one called Hockey who is disabled.  She had a stroke which has left her disabled with her right hand and left foot.  To help stimulate her, a lady volunteer from San Diego has been massaging her hands and feet and simply giving her attention to stimulate her.  She seems to be responding well.   Another volunteer raised enough money for OFI to create a new play home for her.  I’ll send you pics later re this since its still unfinished.

Heres a couple of the little ones playing in the nursery, just like children you need to keep an eye on them.

This is Bernie.  They are very clingy since in the natural environment without mining and Palm Oil Forest destroyers(!!) they would be with their mother till 8 years of age. Look at the little ones feet… the fingers are long, they have lines like we do AND look at their fingernails.. nails which women dream off 🙂

The final image is to show where the child should be, with his or her mother.

I was invited to Dr Galdikas house and met her husband for the first time, he is a local Indonesian called Pak Bo.  It was a great evening.  I met with her husband for the first time.     Its 3.30am so off to bed.

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