Day 9 Update on the Red Apes in the Forest

Hi Guys, sorry for no updates lately, the reason was due to no internet/mobile signal near and in the forest.  The Orangutans do not use mobile phones yet and so no masts, which I have to say is a good thing!  Being back in the forest from my trip in 2007, I noticed a lot more young Orangutans with their mothers which was great to see.   I spent quite some time just putting down the camera and watching them play.

The captain of my boat asked what time which should head off up the Seikonyer River in the morning and each day it way always 6.30am.  The alarm call at 5.30am was worth it!

Daily journey up the Sekonyer river

No other boats were on the river at that time, so I was happy to see the forest wakening. Looking at the  riverbeds was always exciting since nothing is predictable one day to the next.   You could on most days see Hornbills, Kingfishers(and other variety of birds),  Proboscis monkeys – a large monkey which is found only in Borneo (  the males have Pinocchio type noses, very odd looking you can only feel sorry for these males but they are cute in their own  way), Gibbons and if you are lucky a Orangutan.

Mother and Child


Well this is not really finished, I have plenty more to tell you but its getting late and I think time for bed.  I have plenty more to share with you tomorrow re mining and the devastation this causes.  I photographed the people and the area and spoke to some people working on the site.  So definitely tune in tomorrow.  Remember this is not a holiday but  a fact finding mission and my project on helping to save the Orangutans.  Stay Tuned.

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