Day 3

Incase you are wondering, Day 2 went in transit from Dubai to Jakarta.  Caught a 7am flight this morning to get to Semarang then Pangkalan Bun.

I am now finally in Borneo, arrived midday today and greeting by my friend/guide Tomas who was eagerly waiting my arrival.  I met him 3 years ago when Lupe and I first came to Borneo.  I can confirm, it is nice to see a friendly face in foreign place.

I saw my first few Orangutans at the care centre this afternoon – those found at Palm Oil plantations.  These little ones are without a mother forever.  A mother they relied on to learn about life as an Orangutan.  The one that fed them milk to make them grow into healthy infants.  The one that would teach them how to make their canopy up in the high trees to sleep and be safe, one that would teach them which fruit can eat and other important survival techniques in the forest.  But this one Orangutan they looked up to, their rock is now gone.   All for the greed of some mankind!

So this place will be their support network until they are 8 or 9 to be set free in a reserve.

Tomorrow I am off to see my first Palm Oil plantation with Dr Birute Galdikas.  I look forward to meeting the people there, not really looking forward to seeing the demolished land the government simply sells off for money!  But then again, how can I criticise other governments when we have the same crap/greed in the UK! Its all about money!

You know the saying, money is the rool of all evil, you had better believe it.

My camera is still in my bag, so no photos as yet, so hope to share with you what my eyes have seen tomorrow.

Over n Out.

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3 Responses to Day 3

  1. Anna says:

    Hope the palm oil plantations will not be too frustrating.
    Say hello to orangs!

  2. susan says:

    Hi Nico, What a shame about all the farming. It is a shame that governments are paid for preserving their environment and animals instead of for oil (palm and oil fields). I hope you do get a chance to enjoy some of the positives in Borneo and the lovely Orangs!

    • HI Susan

      Indeed I am enjoying Borneo in the sense that these Orange Apes are absolutely beautiful to be with and around. I watched for some time a mother and her two children (boy maybe6/7years old and baby less than a year) play. The mother was so gentle with playing with the child it was incredible. I had to put my camera down and just watch and enjoy.

      What is sad it the true facts that the government (simply taking all the money it can get) does not give a damn about Borneo and its ecosystem. The green note is what counts. I will let you have some more info on mining which I went to photograph and talk to the people, you will see the damage when I share the photos with you.

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