Day 1 – Emeriates Flight to Jakarta then Day 2 Borneo

Hi Folks, finally my day has come, time to complete the packing and off to photograph the great red ape. Amazing as they are and how close to mankind they are, some people just don’t see it.

What will it take for them to change their mind ?

Well thats my target.

I will try to keep you posted, if I get a chance.

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Animals have a voice but no one is listening, let me be the interpretor
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2 Responses to Day 1 – Emeriates Flight to Jakarta then Day 2 Borneo

  1. Derren says:

    Good luck Nico. Hope you packed the SLR and not some little shitbox compact 🙂

  2. Well done for your determined efforts to change peoples attitude towards endangered species. However, puzzled about airline you flew, as I normally fly Emirates airlines.
    Keep up the good work and lets see more postings and discoveries.

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